What is a Grenlive home?

A Grenlive home is an eco-friendly apartment built over a ‘recycled’ old house that has been renovated, modernized and turned into a building fitted with eco-friendly systems. At Grenlive we are looking for projects that can offer consumers the alternative to live in an eco-friendly home at affordable prices.

Eco-friendly living is a lifestyle based on using our resources wisely when it comes to our everyday life. It involves being aware of the impact of our consumption and waste (electricity generation, water utilisation, waste disposal, etc.) and using technology to effortlessly amend our behaviour to offset this impact.


Why our homes are eco-friendly?

A Grenlive eco-friendly home aims to achieve minimal impact on the environment through the use of modern and creative technologies, improving people’s life standards with no compromise on modern society’s lifestyle. Our objective is to develop homes that meet these standards by following a two-step approach:

1. Eco-friendly building and renovation process

We use eco-friendly building materials for the renovation work (Eco-concrete, recycled structural iron) and re-use as much material as possible from the original building. For properties that will be rented furnished, second hand furniture in excellent state (or newly refurbished by ourselves) will be provided.

2. Future sustainable life of the building

• Reduce CO2 emissions from electric power usage to a very low or neutral level through the following two approaches:

a) Installation of renewable power generation sources (solar panels, urban wind turbines). Note: Excess energy from these generators can be sold back to the grid and help reduce the wider community’s emissions.

b) Efficient use of energy consumed at home through the installation of low-consumption appliances (washing machine, oven), automatic on/off movement detectors and low-consumption electric light bulbs.

• Efficient winter heating through good house isolation and installation of energy-efficient heating systems such as gas-powered (if the house has achieved electric power independence trough renewable power sources as per the previous point, then electricity-powered heating may be used).

• Limit water waste through efficient water usage installations (efficient shower heads, taps, and toilet). Furthermore, reduce clean water usage through a water re-usage installation for toilets and plant watering. The water re-usage system will be complemented by a rainwater collection system where possible.

• Waste separation facilities will be provided as per the government standards and regulations.

Benefits of living in an eco-friendly home

Benefits to the environment

• Reduction in environmental pollution derived from material manufacturing and transportation due to material re-usage and recycling.

• Lower impact of eco-friendly building materials.

• CO2 reduction (33-39%) form energy, water and gas consumption.

• Improved waste management and water wastage.

• Improved water re-absorption into the ground.

• Oxygen increase generated by green roof gardens.

Benefits to inhabitants

• Health benefits of living in a cleaner environment with lower noise pollution.

• Reduce usage and money saving due to lower energy consumption (24-50%), water (circa 40%) and waste management (circa 70%)

• Government support on taxes and services rates for eco-friendly buildings (where applicable)

• Preferential rates for mortgages and home improvement loans (where applicable)


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