What is Grenlive?

We are an international company dedicated to property investment, renovation & management. Our main focus is converting old properties into modern eco-friendly apartment buildings.

Offer consumers the alternative to live in an eco-friendly home with low impact on the environment.

Support modern society in living a sustainable life at home.

The Grenlive Concept
The Grenlive idea was developed in Germany by four young professionals who were worried about the increasing negative impact on the environment of modern society and tired of working for big companies on economic benefit-oriented Jobs.

They got together to create a company with a win-win focus, where economic benefit was at the same importance level as social benefit; as well as workers wellbeing, suppliers development and of course customer satisfaction.

Our brief story

Grenlive Germany (Grenlive Gmbh & CoKG).

Grenlive GmbH & CoKG was founded in Friedrichshafen, Germany on 2011.

The business focus for Grenlive Germany is to purchase old properties, renovate them to an eco-friendly standard and rent them out to students and young professionals. This is the only housing offering of this kind in the area.

The path that Grenlive has travelled on its initial years is that of a slow but steady growth, with the support of Volksbank Friedrichshafen as our main investor.

Grenlive Mexico (Inmobiliaria Grenlive, S.A. de C.V.)

In 2012, two Grenlive partners had to move back to Mexico City for personal reasons; this encouraged the Grenlive team to consider the opportunity of expanding the business internationally.

A through market study was performed, with the objective of understanding Mexico City’s housing needs and its similitudes to the German market. The results were very encouraging: Mexican consumers have a high environmental awareness and are interested in the sustainable homes concept; furthermore, the Mexican government is supporting new sustainable home developments and vertical city growth. This was the founding stone for Grenlive Mexico.


Our Partners

  José Islas:

“Something that I have lacked throughout my professional life is the sense that I am doing something to impact our world and society in a positive way. Grenlive comes out of my need for setting up a business of my own but giving it a twist to ensure that it is not just a business focused on making money but that it does a little to impact our world, to change the way we live and to challenge our community to change for the better…”
  Michel Kosse:

“I want to give to others something with which they would start to think about the way they live in every moment. The house where people live is close to them. Changing their direct environment could make just that small change which will lead to an entirely different way of living. People will realise that changing will not lead to an uncomfortable live; in fact, it leads to a life where one can be more satisfied and happy. Grenlive is a thought made action. Working independently is a dream become reality. I do what I love most, making a business based on object development in the combination with improving the way people live.


  María Islas:

During the traditional search to find reasons for life, I came across with the importance of nature and our relationship with our surroundings. This is why I have decided to start being active into what some call the green revolution. It is clear for me that the change needs to come from ourselves, then the domino effect will take over. Grenlive is part of my contribution to the domino effect.
  Gemma Abujas:

Everyday I’m in touch with small things that change my day. It varies, from a small flower that just opened to simply the relaxing colour of deep blue sky. Those are the things that I loved since I was little and my father shared with me, and of course I’d choose not to lose them and I wish to be able to share them with my kids and think that they will do it with their ones. Unfortunately we’re immersing in a steady process of loosing most of them. The planet deterioration is the one thing I always thought is out of my control. But is it really? Or is it just me choosing to do what others are doing, sitting back and complaining about it. Grenlive is my answer, I can make a difference and I can help indeed to make it easy for others to make theirs.



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